Slimemania is a fun, hands-on, creative, collaborative, and science minded course. It teaches how ingredients combine, cause a chemical reaction and changes into something else that is amazing and fascinating.  Each week we will come up with different creations of slime utilizing different colors and ingredients. We will have themes for the slime creations each week for them to take home. On Mystery Box week, we will have "mystery box switch up" where I put ingredients in a box that they can’t see, and they will have to decide if they want to keep or switch ingredients to make a slime creation. At the end of this course, each child will have the ability to create his/her own slime recipe. There is so much we can create! Come join the fun!


Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Andrea Kominik

Price includes $20 material fee. 


Monday: Slimemania (1-4)