In Shockingly Sticky Science, your child will
 learn Watts-Up with electricity and build their 
own static tubes, learn the marvels of magnets 
in Magnetic Magic as they construct their own
 Magnet Maze, and get sticky with polymers
 while we stretch it out with slime! We will
 explore all of our senses. In Tantalizing Taste, they will create their own soda pop; use their ears in Sonic Sounds and take home a very cool 
sonic horn; use their eyes in Optical
 Illusions and create their own periscope. Just 
when they thought they’ve had all of the awesome science they can handle, its time for Lights...Color...ACTION!!  They will create indoor “fireworks” lighting things up with fantastic lights and color displays, and as a grand finale to this amazing program the kids will learn all about heat and get to make their own cotton candy to eat. This program promises to be educational and entertaining, so don’t miss out on Shockingly Sticky Science!!!!




Monday: Shockingly Sticky Science (K-2)