ASE Welcome Letter, Policies and FAQ's

Updated: September 5, 2019

Parents and Caregivers,

Thank you for enrolling in Watchung’s After School Enrichment (ASE), and Before School Enrichment ( BSE) program. We are very excited for the upcoming session.  

Below are some frequently asked questions for ASE.  Please take a moment to read through as they will contain important procedure and drop off/ pick up information.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for ASE

What time is Before/ After School Enrichment?

Before School Enrichment starts at 8 am and ends at 8:40 am.  After School Enrichment meets after school at 3:15pm. Classes run for one hour and end promptly at 4:15pm. 


Is transportation available?

Buses are NOT available for children participating in BSE/ASE. You must make your own transportation arrangements.  

How does dismissal work?

Parents will wait outside the 14 Garden Street exit.  Parents should wait outside for their child; please do not enter the school to get your child. Ms. McShane or Ms. Altieri will dismiss your child to the caregiver’s name listed. Please do NOT be late. Dismissal is at 4:15 pm. Please be considerate of the teacher’s time, and Do NOT be late. 

If you are late to pickup two times your child will be removed from ASE.  

Please note: No school staff is at the school after 4 pm to supervise your child. Ms. McShane and Ms. Altieri are paid by the PTA to support After School Enrichment classes. If you pick up your child late, the PTA incurs additional cost for their services. We reserve the right to pass these cost on to you. 

When you register your child for ASE you agree to pay the additional cost at $10 per 10 minutes delay if you pick up late. 

Is there a Watchung Staff on site for ASE?

Yes, Ms. Altieri Ms McShane will be on site to help administer the ASE program.  They take attendance and dismiss the kids to their classrooms, and deal with issues that may come up.  

How will my child get to ASE?

Parents do NOT need to pick up their child for ASE.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will dismiss your child to the Art Room.  At the Art Room, Ms McShane or Ms Altieri will separate students by their ASE classes.  The ASE teachers will pick the students up from the Art Room and escort them to the ASE classroom. 


What if my child has AFTER CARE?

After ASE, children with AFTER CARE will be escorted by the teacher to the AFTER CARE area in the school.  


What if my child has BEFORE CARE for the morning classes?

Ms McShane or Ms. Altieri will pick up your child from the Before Care area and bring them by the main office.  The Morning enrichment teacher will pick them up from there and bring them to the classroom or outdoor field.  The teacher will dismiss them to their class once the first bell rings at 8:40am. 


Should I include a note that my child is in ASE or Morning Classes?

Yes.  While the homeroom teacher gets a list of ASE students, it is helpful to send a note to the teacher stating that your child will start ASE and which days. 

For Morning Enrichment Students, if your child is in Before Care it is helpful to send a note stating which morning class your child is in and that it starts at 8 am.


Where do I go for morning classes? 

For morning classes in the school, please buzz the bell at 14 Garden Street. Ms. McShane or Ms. Altieri will be by the front door area to receive your child and will send them to the appropriate class. After morning class is over, the teacher/instructor will dismiss the students to their homerooms. 


What room is my child’s ASE? 

The main office will have a list of what room each ASE is being held in. Ms. McShane and Ms. Altieri will also have a list. 


What if I need to pick up my child early from ASE? 

Please call the main office number (973) 509-4259 and they will inform Ms McShane or Ms. Altieri you will be arriving early.  When you arrive, go to the main office and Ms. McShane or Ms. Altieri will escort your child to you.     

Note: The office secretary leaves at 4pm.  After 4pm, Ms McShane or Ms Altieri will be at the main office area and buzz you in.  Please be patient as they may have stepped away to attend to an issue.  


Are there Make-up classes?

Makeups are only scheduled if a teacher or instructor is absent or  if there is an unscheduled school closure.  Parents will be informed in advance if a class is going to be cancelled.  An email will be sent at a later day with a make up date. 

Code Of Conduct

Students will maintain the same behavior standards expected during school hours.  Watchung’s Code of Conduct will strictly be enforced. 


·           First Incident: Child sent to office

·           Second Incident: Parent notified

·           Third incident: Child not allowed to return to ASE


It is parent’s/caregiver’s responsibility to communicate behavior expectations to child. 


Dropping Classes

No refunds will be given after classes start. 


If you have additional questions you can email


Thank you for your support of the Watchung ASE program. 


The ASE team