ASE Winter 2019

Registration for the Winter session is now closed. Please contact with questions or requests.

Class Schedule

  • Classes will begin on Monday, January 28th, 2019 and continue for 10 weeks.

  • Morning classes are 8:00-8:45 am. Afternoon classes are 3:15-4:15pm.

  • No classes on Monday 2/18 (President's Day). Make-up classes will run on 4/9

  • No classes on Thursday 3/28 due to early dismissal. Make-up classes will run on 4/11

  • The week of April 8th and 15th will be used for make-up classes.

Class Descriptions and Pricing

The winter session is 2 weeks longer than the fall session, so class prices are higher than before. 



10 Classes on 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8 

Note: No Class on President’s Day 2/18 


International Chess Academy (All Ages)- $165


Beginner class: The focus is to teach children how to start playing, or to reinforce basic rules and understanding they may have already received. The class will also introduce elements of basic tactics (captures, but also forks, pins etc.), and strategy, as well as how to deliver simpler checkmates. Geared towards younger kids. 

Advanced Beginner class: The focus is to move beyond playing. The class will introduce slightly more complicated ideas (for instance avoiding allowing your opponent to fork, or pin) and strategies.  More complex checkmates may be covered, and simple traps may be introduced.  Geared towards more confident students and older kids. 

Taught by the International Chess Academy

The ICA was founded with the aim of providing chess instruction and chess seminars at all levels and to a variety of audiences. Chess is a complex game of strategy that incorporates elements of art, science, and sports. Studying chess disciplines the mind, and develops logical thinking and abstract reasoning skills that help a person well beyond the chess board. The aim of our Chess Program is to teach chess to children of all school ages and of different abilities. High-level instruction in addition to supervised play will be provided to students of all levels. Emphasis is on achieving excellence, enhance problem solving, logical reasoning skills, creativity and forging lifelong friendships!    


SLIMEMANIA Winter Series (grades K-5) - $145

(For students who took it last semesters, NEW Slime will be made this session.)

Slimemania is a fun, hands-on, creative, collaborative, and science-minded course. It teaches how ingredients combine, cause a chemical reaction and change into something else that is amazing and fascinating.  Each week students will come up with different creations of slime utilizing different colors and ingredients. On Mystery Box Week the instructor will put ingredients in a box that students can’t see, and they will have to decide if they want to keep or switch ingredients to make a slime creation. At the end of this course, each child will have the ability to create his/her own slime recipe. There is so much to create! Come join the fun! 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Andrea Kominik

Price includes a $20 material fee


Fun with Yoga Winter Series (grades K-5) - $120

(For students who took it last semester, this series will have new enhancements to keep them moving and engage.)

Each class will introduce new yoga poses and a theme to the children. Students will ease into class with breathing methods to help focus and then practice some poses. This is followed by an enhancement where yoga is taught through talks, games, crafts, songs, music and other methods that kids love. Powerflow Yoga wants kids to learn body awareness and to love movement and breath. They will gain strength in their bodies, calm in their minds and tools for life. The teachers are experts at working with kids and all have children’s yoga teaching certificates. Join us and let’s have some fun with yoga together!  

Taught by Powerflow Yoga Kids


Xbox/Videogame Programming (grades 3-5) - $175

Using an icon-based, object-oriented software program, students will create video games, trouble shoot each other’s creations and challenge each other and themselves to think through the project framework needed to create a videogame. Kodu is used.  

Taught by L3 Academy. Limited to 10 students only!  



10 Classes on 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2 

Morning Board Games Winter Session (grades K-2) - $125

(For those who took it last semester Mrs. Olson will have new games to for you!)

Come join Mrs. Olson for some fun board games before school!  Does your child only play electronic games? Then it is time to send them in early for good old-fashioned board games. Kids will play Don't Break the Ice, Connect 4, Battleship, Uno, Checkers, Sorry and many others. They will also work with Tangrams to create different animals using the 7 pieces as well as making the square.  Focus will be on learning the rules of the games, sharing, taking turns, playing fair, socializing, and having FUN all withOUT technology. Once they have learned the games here, you can all play together at home! 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Mrs. Olson


Parabolic Fitness Youth Program (ages 8-11) - $135

The Parabolic program stimulates neurodevelopment and supports age-appropriate physical, social, emotional, and cognitive needs. Classes are designed in progressive stages. We start with a warm ups, then play games which promote agility, such as a relay races with a cutting motion. We then move on to work on motor patterns to fine tune muscle groups. These include squats, pushups, crawling, slamming a medicine ball etc. We focus on teamwork, building confidence, good movement, but most importantly, fun!

Taught by Parabolics Performance and Rehap



Chess in a Nutshell (grades 2-5, intermediate/advanced levels) - $135

Start your day with a game of CHESS! Win, lose, or draw, this course promotes good sportsmanship and problem solving skills. Each session will include "mini-lessons" (covering a variety of strategies and tactics) and opportunities for students to hone their skills by playing practice games with their peers. 

Taught by Steve Moctezuma. Steve is a chess coach and tournament director.  He annually directs the Montclair Cooperative School's/Zuma Summer Chess Camp.




10 Classes on 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2

Digital Arts STEAM Classes (grades 3-5) - $165

Students will explore different digital arts techniques while using their creativity in a fun way.  Digital Arts combines traditional STEM elements with the Arts to draw in your creative engineers. They will work with a variety of programs to write, design and edit digital “Shorts” using computer animation.  Students will also design their own homes and other buildings using design software. Using amazing brushes and symmetry, they will sketch and draw beautiful artwork, learn to alter images to create surreal effects, and much more! 

Taught by Montclair Learning Center


Stem-Tactics! (ages 7-11) - $125

Students will have the opportunity to test various concepts within the STEM disciplines.  Emphasis will be on an integrated approach to using science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  They will ask, hypothesize, interpret, discover, create, imagine, and solve problems.  Each week will bring new ideas to brainstorm, new problems to solve, and new hypothesis to test.  Come join us in this exploration! 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Fuentes

Calling All Cooks Winter (grades K-2) - $150

(For Students who took this class last semester, Ms. LaGrua will have new recipes for you to try this semester.)

Each week students will prepare and enjoy food from different regions of the world. Proper kitchen safety will also be discussed. At the end of the course each student will be presented with a cookbook that includes all class recipes. Students should bring their own water bottle. Families will be responsible for alerting teacher to any food allergies before the beginning of the course.

Cost of food supplies, paper goods, cooking utensils ($25) included in price. 

Taught by Watchung Teacher, Mrs. LaGrua. Max class size is 12.


Basketball with Mr. Fantozzi and Ms. Byron (grades K-5) - $125

Let’s play some ball! Students will be broken into groups based on ability and/or grade level.  Class focus will be on ball handling skills, hand-eye coordination, dribbling, passing, shooting technique, and defensive skills.  We want the kids to be engaged, all while having fun! 

Taught by Watchung teachers Mr. Fantozzi and Ms. Byron



TREP$ Winter Series (grades 4&5) - $155

TREP$ Dates: 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19. 2/26, 3/5 (drop-in session), 3/26 MARKETPLACE, and 4/2 Wrap up.  Note: No classes on 3/12 and 3/19 unless a makeup is needed.  Food items will be allowed this session. 

TREPS is an award winning entrepreneurial education program that teaches 4th and 5th grade children how to create, develop and launch their own business. In these fast-paced classes, students learn about product development, marketing, finance, advertising and sales through fun workshops and activities. Students will be given ‘seed money’ to start their business and will sell their product at the TREPS Marketplace at the end of the semester. 


  • This session will focus on handmade/craft and food items.  

  • This class involves parent participation and students will be given homework that is required to complete. 

  • There are limited spots for this class so please sign up ASAP! 


Taught by Watchung Teachers Ms. Jamie Bassett and Ms. Magrath. 

The fee includes start-up cost, book and apron. 




10 classes on 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3 


Gymnastics (grades K-2) - $150
Start the morning with Gymnastics!  Classes will start with a short warm up, followed by progressions across the mat, balance beam and trampoline. Students are spotted individually according to their ability and will be challenged to learn a new skill each week. All levels are welcome.

Taught by Rachelle Trammel. Rachelle has over 20 years of teaching experience.  She currently also teaches at Diamond Gymnastics and the Montclair Kimberly Academy.



Morning Mindfulness and Mindbenders with Ms. Thorp (grades 2-5) - $125

This class will stretch student's mental muscles. Studies show that practicing mindfulness techniques improves student focus, encourages compassion, and makes us happier! Part of the class period will focus on learning mindfulness strategies, such as breathing and visualization techniques, meditation, and mindful games.  The second part of class will focus on mindbenders to get kids thinking outside the box. Kids will explore and play with optical illusions, brainteasers, mini-mysteries, riddles, and puzzle challenges. Everything is to encourage logical and lateral thinking. 

Taught By Watchung Teacher Ms. Thorp


Origami with Ms. Ko (ages 7-11) - $135

It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's origami!  Come and explore the basics of origami.  Learn about the art of folding paper and see what can be made from just a piece of paper.  Not only will children get a real sense of accomplishment out of making these fun origami projects, but they will be getting practice at following instructions, developing eye-hand coordination, spatial visualization, improving memory, and producing a fun and decorative end-product.  In this fun and engaging class, children will make birds, planes, hearts, animals, and wearable “giant” origami!

Cost includes material fee of $10.

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Ko




10 classes on 1/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3 


World of Colors (Art/Cultural class) Winter Series (grades K-5) – $125

(For those who took it last Semester Senora Fuentes will have new countries and art projects for you to explore.)

Art is the universal language everyone speaks.  Get ready to discover art from around the world!  Students will make cool multicultural projects as they learn more about the world around them. Projects will reflect geography, indigenous or modern culture, popular art techniques, or traditional art styles.  Each week students will study a new country and create a 2D or 3D art project that reflects the culture of that country. 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Fuentes


Jr. Coders (grades K-2) - $175

An introductory program to coding using Scratch Jr., an icon-based coding language by MIT, that allows younger children to begin to create their own stories and games. Kids will string together icons to make an avatar move, sing, dance or jump. Using games and physical activity, we will introduce coding both online and offline. By using tablets and touch screen computers young children are familiar with, we begin building a comfort level with programming. Students can take this program for exposure or continue to build their knowledge and proficiency over time.  

Taught by L3 Academy. Limited to 10 students only! 


Hip Hop (grades K-2) - $125

This is an upbeat and high-energy class. The focus is on fundamental dance moves, stretching techniques, isolations, rhythms, and musicality. The class aims to develop coordination and upper body strength while incorporating funky footwork. Students will collaborate with each other and memorize choreography to learn a dance routine each class. Please bring water, wear comfortable clothing and a positive attitude to class! 

Taught by Watchung teacher Ms. Schott



Afternoon Board Games Winter Session (grades 2-5) - $125

Come join Mrs. Olson for some fun board games after school!  Does your child only play electronic games? Then it is time to send them for some good old-fashioned board games.  Games include Boggle, Connect 4, Checkers, Uno, Nab-It, Gobblet, Pay Day and more. The group will have a Boggle competition where each player will try to better his/her own score from the previous games, as well as a "Beat Mrs. Olson Contest"!  Can you beat Mrs. Olson at Connect 4 or Boggle?? Now is your chance to prove it!  Children will also have a chance to be the teacher on “bring your favorite game from home” where they can showcase their favorite game.  

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms.Olson




10 Classes on 1/31, 2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21,4/4, 4/11 

Note: No Class on 3/28 due to Early Dismissal


ZUMBA (ages 7-11) - $125

Zumba Kids is a high-energy fitness party that features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids movin' to the beat. It's all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it's okay to just be yourself and dance like no one's watching. The kid-friendly routines are based on original Zumba® choreography.  The class includes steps in an easy-to-learn manner, games, activities an­d cultural exploration. 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Fuentes, a licensed Zumba Kids instructor


Dr. Seuss STEM (grades K-2) - $145

We love Dr. Seuss! Every week, the class will pair one Dr. Seuss book with corresponding fun science experiments and/or engineering challenges. Measuring distance and speed, creating chemical reactions or building structures, we will explore STEM through the eyes of the Cat in the Hat. 

Taught by Montclair Learning Center


Take the Stage - The ABC’s of Acting (grades K-2) - $170

Do you like to act? Do you want to perform? Then this is the workshop for you! Through unique and fun theatre games and activities, young actors will acquire valuable skills that boost confidence, encourage teamwork, and empower the imagination. Performers will learn about voice projection, stage movement, and character development through structured games and improvisation. The workshop will conclude with an imagination celebration where our actors can perform the skills they have learned for family and friends. No acting experience necessary. Come and take the stage with us!  

Taught by AlphaBEST Education


Life Skills Workshop Series (grades 3-5) - $85

Each week a different instructor will cover a different life skill including stress management, negotiation, organization, planning, contracts, financial literacy, architecture, first aid and basics of running a retail business. The class will be taught in workshop format so kids will actively participate during each class.  For detailed description see the Life Skills Workshop page on the ASE website. 

Taught by Watchung teachers, parent volunteers and the Montclair History Center. 


BUILD IT with Ms. Thorp (grades 1-4) - $135

What can you do with old magazines, some glue, and string? Build a teepee of course, or wait... maybe a beaded necklace, a paper chain, or a maze. The possibilities are endless. In this class students will be provided with a myriad of materials to create and build. Some days they will have structured STEAM challenges such as: build the tallest possible tower out of bottle caps, legos, or build an electrical circuit that powers a fan. Other days they will be given materials and can choose what to build. Mrs. Thorp has a lifetime of experience tinkering, crafting, and building something out of "nothing." She can't wait to share it with you!

Cost includes material fee of $10.

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms.Thorp


Woodwork Sign Making with Ms. Schott- (grades 3-5) - $150

Turn a piece of wood into a work of art! Using sketching, sanding, and painting techniques, your child will get a sense of pride as they create their own wooden décor for your home or as a gift for a special loved one. This hands-on class will use various sizes of wood to create beautiful signs. Projects will include signs for upcoming holidays, a personalized name sign, inspirational signs, etc. They’ll learn how to sketch their own designs and bring them to life on a piece of wood using different painting techniques.  Come paint your little hearts out!

Cost includes material fee of $25. Limited to 10 students only. 

Taught by Watchung Teacher Ms. Schott